Data Communication

Nationwide Secure Connectivity

ICCFIOS are providing nationwide secure data connectivity under ICC Communication. We can provide our services all over the country easily; presently we are in presence more than 20 districts. For that we are apply TELCO & NTTN service provider where they presence, used the backbone and developed our own network infrastructure. With knowledgeable support team both we can ensure quick restoration. All the nodes are connected through redundant path. So the physical security is ensured. According to our imply technology to ensure the secure data path of each clients.

• As a Data Communication services provider

  • Nationwide remote coverage
  • 14 remote district coverage including 6 Div. HQ
  • Last mile fiber connectivity
  • Skilled technical team
  • 24x7 Customer support
  • Dark Fiber


    ICCFIOS Dark Fiber is a fiber-optic point to point data connectivity solution that allows you to create your own network, without the need to invest in your own fiber-optic infrastructure. So you can create yourself fiber network using ICCFIOS network.

    Extensive fiber-optic coverage

  • We are providing the services through fiber-optic networks in Bangladesh with close tie-up with both NTTN Service Provider.
  • Supports all major technologies

  • • Full Control
  • You have all access as per your choose what equipment to use and how and when to connect it.
  • You decide the communication technology and what protocols to use.

  • • Private and Secure
    The allocated fiber is dedicated and provides physical separation from any other service with complete security