Data Corporate


ICCFIOS is providing secure networking solution with latest technology as well as security assurance. ICCFIOS has developed innovative solutions for the changing needs of computer technology through education, consulting and information system. Presently we are providing networking solution for the corporate and individual customers.
ICCFIOS provides IT solutions as per the requirements of clients. We are providing better quality of equipments with more features. Our Skilled technical team is fully capable to provide the solution.
ICCFIOS provides fiber optic backbone connectivity through sub-marine cable & ITC. ICCFIOS provides full redundant high quality fiber optic cable for corporate and dedicated users.

Small Business


ICCFIOS is providing networking services & solution to the small business area with better solution & support as per the company requirements. We are offer, according to clients needed, budget, but always keeping eyes to better solution & support. We are use latest technology and ensure security as like as corporate. We are not compromise with quality of services.

Personal Area


ICCFIOS is presently providing the solution as per the clients needed. According to competitive business market, most of the corporate house are wants a secure internal network for their business communication. As per the impertinency, we are offering the solution with better services & support.